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How much is a home addition? This is one of the main questions we receive from those considering a home addition in the Minneapolis area. And though it is a critical question for anyone contemplating a home addition, the variables are extremely diverse.

As you may imagine, no one client’s needs are alike, since it is your house, your family and your needs for space and functionality that are unique. However, an addition to your home, as you may have guessed, is definitely less expensive than buying a new house—especially when you factor in all the moving and closing costs. And though all your cost questions cannot be determined in one blog, what you can do is proactively prepare yourself for the kinds of answers you need to have for an initial remodeler’s inquiry that will lead to pricing out an addition for your personal situation.

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How to Add an Addition to Your House: Factors to Consider

Before discussing costs, it’s important to ask what kind of addition you want to add to your home. The cost of adding an addition will depend on whether you want to add a master bedroom, expand your kitchen, add an office, a sunroom, or even an in-law suite, also called an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The type of room and its use will dictate the size you need.

Next, you’ll need to decide if the room will be a bump out (as you expand your home’s footprint horizontally on the first floor), or a build up (adding a room to the second story). Is it possible to re-imagine the indoor space you already have and simply remodel and rearrange some rooms without adding extra space?

The location and purpose of your home addition also matters. For example, if you urgently want to add an in-law suite to your home in order to keep relatives safe and close (something that’s been on a lot of people’s minds and to-do lists since the pandemic began), you’ll probably want to build out on the first floor for mobility’s sake. The in-law suite can be a completely independent dwelling space with a small kitchen and bathroom, or it can be a master suite that opens into the common area of the home.

Perhaps, if you just want to create a more functional home office out of some existing space, you might be able to build up above part of the house or create something new out of poorly-used space that already exists. It all just depends on what you need. The best way to find out what you could be paying is to discuss your needs with our design-build experts in person, so contact us!

Other important questions you will need to consider are: “How much square feet do you plan or want to add on to your addition?” “How much value will my addition add to my home based on the square feet?” Based on current market values, you can ballpark it between $200 to $400 per square foot, but again, a variety of factors come into play, so your home addition costs may vary depending on materials chosen, demand for those and your current house.

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What is the Average Kitchen Addition Cost?

Kitchen additions and expansion are some of the most popular additions here in Minneapolis. During the pandemic, people spent not only more time at home but by default more time in the kitchen and started thinking about all the ways they needed more space, more convenience and updated features. On average, the cost of a kitchen addition in Minneapolis could run between $75,000 and $150,000—but again, this can fluctuate based on your kitchen goals. If you want to do a major kitchen overhaul, it will naturally be more expensive. Fortunately, the kitchen is one of those areas where you can do a lot by just tweaking the right things. 

If you’ve been asking, “What are fun additions that don’t cost much, but can make my life way more convenient?” This is one of the places to start. For example many homeowners have opted to add a modest sunroom off of the kitchen where you can grow herbs throughout the year, or just relax in view of the outdoors without actually being outdoors (especially during a Minnesota winter). Or perhaps you simply need more space and are thinking of expanding for extra pantry space. The kitchen is often the center of a home in more ways than one, so making some convenience and time-saving additions and style updates will improve the quality of your life and add resale value to your home too. To find out how much your kitchen addition will cost, let’s talk first and find out what you are considering and we can give a more accurate ballpark amount.


How Much Does it Cost to Add a Master Suite?

Some important questions to ask yourself as you think about a Master Suite addition are, how big you want the master suite to be, what features do you want and where it will go (upstairs or downstairs). The average cost of adding a bedroom depends on a variety of factors. A true spa-like master bath, a roomy walk-in closet, a laundry room added to your current Master bedroom for ultimate convenience or a work from home office space or a multi use side room can add not only convenience and ease to your everyday life as well as add value to the home.


Multi-Purpose Home Additions

One of the exciting aspects to consider as you plan a home addition is the possibilities for creative license while you decide what your personal needs are for the space. Examples of multi-purpose spaces could be an office that doubles as a home gym, a mud room that houses a reading nook, a study with wrap around windows for all your indoor plants. The ideas and the room for imagination is endless. The place to start would be to plan out what space needs you lack in your current home and then consider innovative ways you can fulfill all those needs in one home addition. And if you are having trouble brainstorming ideas or envisioning your new home addition, let a designer and builder such as Black Dog Homes, help you think through all the elements you could add as you delineate your needs.


What Additions Add Resale Value to My Home?

By and large, kitchen additions and bathroom additions or remodels are the best for resale value and best for your own use. However creative ideas of home additions that make your home unique can also add incredible value and help your house to stand out if you ever put it back on the market. With our expertise and years of experience we would love to help you brainstorm and uncover what would make your life more convenient and your house more appealing for resale value! Not only do we appreciate a good challenge, one of our passions is helping your vision and dream for your home come to life. As you think about a home addition, the bottom line to ask yourself is: will it make your life better? Contact Black Dog Homes today and our design-build team can help you discover the best home additions for your Minneapolis house.

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