Top 5 Creative Ideas For Custom Home Additions that Will Make Your Life Easier /

Wouldn’t life be easier if [insert your room of choice here] had more storage space? Seriously, it’s hard to imagine a room where you don’t need more of it. That is probably the top way to make life easier, but here at Black Dog Homes, we’ve done lots of creative custom home additions designs to make life simpler for our clients. Here are 5 cool home upgrades that you 100% need to consider because of how they will simplify your life:

Top 5 Creative Ideas For Custom Home Additions that Will Make Your Life Easier

1. New Kitchen + Rooftop Deck

We had so much fun upgrading one family’s small kitchen with custom cabinetry, expanding their space to make the most of the southern exposure (essential for Minnesota winters)! At the same time, we created this gracious summer deck on the roof so they could enjoy an excellent view: Take a look!

2. Primary Bedroom + Laundry Room Addition

We have done many primary bedroom additions and expansions, including this one where we added a laundry room. Imagine being able to grab a hot-fresh blanket out of the dryer on a cold winter’s night before heading to bed, only a few steps away (instead of running downstairs to grab it, losing most of that lovely heat on the way back upstairs).

3. A Four Seasons Room Addition

Natural light is important for health and wellness year-round, but here in Minnesota, it can be hard to get enough during the winter. To solve this problem, we've designed many “four seasons rooms” that are fully enclosed, climate-controlled spaces with generous dollops of natural light, sometimes as a bump-out or a build-up addition. We’ve created many a greenhouse room addition for a south-facing kitchen that made it possible for families to snatch fresh herbs for recipes, even during a blizzard.

4. Room Addition Over Garage

Adding another primary bedroom or even a fully-contained, smaller living quarters (accessory dwelling unit or ADU) over the garage, or as an outward extension, has become very popular, especially in the last year. The ADU or “In-Law Suite” adds so much flexibility to your home that you can bring in aging parents to live with you or use it as a space to rent out to college kids to help recoup the renovation costs.

5. Family Room Addition Ideas

Expanding or adding a family room with lots of space for activities, entertaining, reading, watching movies together, a work-from-home nook, etc. can make it easier to have the needed space both for yourself and a place to create special memories with those you love. We’ve done this by adding rooms over the garage, bumping out into the yard, or renovating the basement!

Design a Room Addition with Black Dog Homes Today

Here at Black Dog Homes, we make house addition planning such a great experience, that many families decide to go for a whole-home renovation to bring all of the different elements together and make life easier from one end of the house to the other. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let’s make your life easier!

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